Friday, July 16, 2010

So much to share, so little time

Yes I know I keep promising to blog more, but what can I say, its hard work growing a bubba!!!

Firstly on the scrapping front, I have finally been scrapping again, but its all been for my brothers wedding album, so trying to keep it a bit of a secret in case he can be bothered checking here!!!

There is a cybercrop starting tonight though at ScrapTherapy, with the theme of dreams. it all kicks off with the blind scrap at 7. Hope to see you all there.

On the bubba side, no movements yet, but the belly is growing. We had the big 18 week scan on Tuesday which showed all is well and that we are having a little man!!! Needless to say we are both over the moon (well I admit, I didn't care either way, so would be thrilled regardless!!). Next step is painting the nursery (purple and red :) ) And the furniture (cream). Also just for those who love checking out ultrasound piccys, I have one step better, the video :):). Hmm will need to figure it out though. I'll add it when I can, otherwise I'll try for some stills!

Take care!!

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