Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Rex's 30th and my new study :)

Heaps of pictures again, firstly of Rex's 30th birthday. I threw him a surprise party, with what you want to be when you grow up. Sorry about the dodginess of some of the photos, not sure who took what :)

First up, Tahlia, Rex's neice, Rex, me and Monique.
Rex, Monique and Jon
Shawn and Rex (Shawn wanted to wear this suit to our wedding :) )
Rex and Monica
Everyone - Some people couldn't help moving and blogger won't let me delete it and put a better one up.
Now for my study!!! I got some bunnings vouchers for my birthday so decided to paint :)

Now I have had a few people laughing at my knitting speed lately, so just wanted to share some of it. This is a scarf I knitted in 3 days, whcih I'm prety stoked about.
These squares are the beginnings of a blanket I started when I was 10. I only have about 40 squares to go!!

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