Friday, October 16, 2009

Weddings .... Take 3

Okay, good on you for hanging in this long, I really do admire you. I’m actually in Griffith now, while Rex goes hunting for the Lonely Planet CD at Sanity. Those songs will definitely stick with us for awhile (Thanks Greg and Kylie).

Okay so we arrived at the reception a little late, but hey we were allowed. After a not so quick toilet break (silly big dress), we were ushered in as Mr and Mrs Rex Hunt! And then the fun began. The food was absolutely delicious, the alcohol flowed and the speeches were great. Rex was really moved by the speeches, with all saying how fantastic a guy he is. Our speech didn’t go so well, we were both going to burst into tears so cut it really short. The cake completely lived up to expectations, and I’m happy to say there will be more served at our housewarming next year! Then came the bridal shuffle, sung by the newly married Cathy Wright (see the first wedding post!) The song was Brighter than Sunshine and was just gorgeous to dance to. Unfortunately my biggest gripe of the whole wedding was the music though. The DJ thought playing old country music which no one was dancing too was a great idea. No offence to anyone who loves Charlie Pride etc, but I listened to it for 4 years while working at Price Busters and it really wasn’t what I wanted at my wedding. The party didn’t pick up until right at the end when he started playing the Aussie pub rock songs which was awesome! Somewhere in the middle we had the Garter toss, which Horse caught, and the bouquet toss, which Monique, my Maid of Honour caught. Other highlights included seeing Rex’s niece Tahlia playing with my nephew Thomas and watching Rex’s Cousin John playing with a balloon sward.

Finally we said goodbye to all and headed back to our undisclosed Honeymoon suite for some relaxing. One final story form there and no, its not rude! Rex volunteered to run the spa while we were getting all the bobby pins out of my hair. What I didn’t know was that Rex had never run a spa though. He walked into the bathroom to check on the level and came straight out, soaking wet with a look of horror on his face. He had turned the jets on straight away without filling the spa, and as a result water was EVERYWHERE!!! He was also so convinced that it was on a timer and wouldn’t try to turn it off for fear it would continue longer. This was one of the few moments I regretted not having a camera as the look on his face was absolutely priceless!! Anyway long story short, there was no time and I managed to turn off the spa quite easily despite Rex telling me not to touch the button!! He is now no longer allowed near spa baths unless supervised 

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