Friday, October 16, 2009

Weddings...... Take 2

Our wedding.... wow what a week and it still hasn’t sunk in yet. We spent the first half of the week organising all the little stuff, confirming things, then slowly seeing all Rex’s relo’s as they rolled into town. I managed a full day of pampering which highly recommend to any brides to be. Mine was Thursday, and meant that by Friday I was so chilled out, not much fazed me. Mum cam e done Thursday so that afternoon we got facials and pedicures, and my toes are still an awesomely bright purple. The beautician was so excited to have a bride that didn’t want a neutral colour, it was funny!!
Friday morning I got my nails redone in sparkles, mum got her manicure and then the fun began. I checked us girls into the apartment and chilled out a bit while waiting for the girls to arrive. Once they got there we arrived at the church (late of course) and had the rehearsal. It wasn’t too technical; we were all too busy playing with Tahlia. Apparently she love cardboard box rides!! From here all volunteers came out to the Catholic Club where we put the chair covers ant place cards out. It was fantastic to see it all starting to come together and even without the table decorations it looked fantastic! Even better it only took about an hour because everyone chipped in. From here Kylie, Monique Greg and I ditched everyone else and went and got pizzas to eat while watching movies and eating chocolate. Greg was stolen by Rex for quite awhile and they hung out at Rex’s parents until Rex though he should possibly get some sleep. I wasn’t too worried, they spent the night looking up Lonely planet clips on YouTube (check them out very funny) and spent the rest of the wedding saying I’m on a boat and Like a boss (You’ll need to look them up to see what I mean).
Saturday. D-day. I woke up too early, stressing a bit about what would go wrong. We got up and wondered around to Mei Amici’s for breakfast (my favourite cafe in Griffith) then the girls and I made our way up to the hairdressers where drank champagne whilst our hair was done. I was so thrilled with the results, my hairdresser was absolutely ¬¬¬fantastic and I would highly recommend them to everyone!! From here, we went up to get the makeup done. During all this, it still didn’t feel real. I was waiting for the moment to hit when I would realise this was it, but it didn’t. Makeup went really well, and again it looked fantastic. At this stage we were running on time, so we went back to the apartment for lunch before we would get dressed and meet with the photographers. Getting dressed was a a bit of the ordeal, we tore my dress slightly, but the girls thought I wasn’t aware so just tried to hide it. I told them later in the night and they were amazed I didn’t say anything, but I just couldn’t see the point in stressing about it. Then the people started rolling in. Jason and Erin bought Tahlia over and the divers showed up, admittedly without the flowers (I had silk and we kept leaving them in the car with the boys.) Photos were taken and we were off. Pop never stopped grinning, so guess he was happy to walk me down the isle, or I looked pretty good. From here we went out to Lake Wyangan and again, lucked oout with the rain. It just started to drizzle as we were finishing up and having a drink and nibbles before we headed towards the reception......

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