Friday, October 16, 2009

Weddings Galore

Ok, before I start, I’ll split this into a couple of parts, otherwise it will be huge. Also I’ll put the majority of photos onto facebook, otherwise this page will never load (I have over a thousand from our wedding alone and that just from Shell and Matt!!!) We’ve been away almost 3 weeks now with some major events so I’ll start at the beginning and hopefully won’t forget to much. Please forgive me if you do, we didn’t get into Sydney until 10:30 last night and we are still driving, heading towards Harden to be exact.

Our first stop after leaving the animals in Griffith with Rex’s parents was to go to Wagga to see our beautiful friends, Jon and Cath married. It was a horrible day, we had had some big storm leading up to it and it was raining and hailing that morning. Rex was a groomsman, so spent Saturday morning doing very little besides keep Jon calm!! I tried to help Cath out, running errands and checking on the reception. Before long it was time for the ceremony, and we were all praying that the rain would clear, which it did. The ceremony was absolutely beautiful, with a full choir singing. I managed not to cry, until they played Michael Buble’s song Everything at the end. It hit me that i n a week, it would me dressed up and walking into the church to that very song. The reception again was beautiful, with gorgeous food and some awesome music. Jon and Cath sang to each other (of course), Cath’s sister Rebecca and another lady, whose name escapes me, as well as the entire Who’s your Daddy band (well minus Cath) entertained us and kept us dancing till the end. The highlight quite possibly was Rex catching the garter, just in case there was any doubt as to who was getting married next!!

From here we ventured back to Griffith to prepare for our big day........

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