Friday, September 4, 2009

Latest goings on

Well its been flat out. I've been to Dubbo, Orange, Griffith,Wagga and Bourke in the last 23 weeks and I am OVER it!!!! Caths hen's night was awesome, I even got up and sang if your happy and you know it (II know, its sad, but I was following a group of professional singers). We got 90% of the planning for the wedding organising now which is fantastic.

BUT this week has been shocking. Travelling back from Bourke I hit an emu in the hire car, I'm glad to say the emu was okay, he got up and ran away whilst I sat in the car shaking. Sunny, the vicious Jack Russell that she is then decided to attack a black lab (cause that was going to work), she is okay but I'm scratched. Then today was just a right off, absolutlely flat out and not in a good way. I'm just sooo glad the week is over and its only 4 weeks before Rex and I get a really good holiday, oh and get married!!! Only 29 days till I'm Mrs Hunt :)

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