Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cybercrop time!!!!

Well It was that time of the month again, cybercrop time over at Scrap Therapy. I managed to complete all the challenges as well as win Bingo with Bongo :D On top of all that Lee-Anne is decided this months manufacturer of the month is Prima (Just about my favourite brand!!!). So everything is between 10-50% which is a massive savings. And just to top it all off, theres more due the end of this week we hope :)

This was for the Sketch challenge
This one was the inspiration challenge, I ended up with a million pink and green squares... Anyone want any?
This was the card challenge (Sorry the lights a little off)

Finally this was the theme challenge, a bit of a different interpretation on angel :)

Anyways, I meant to be working but am waiting for Rex to bring the laptop down so I can access my files. Silly work has old computers which doesn't mesh well with my new one. Also its under 2 months to the wedding!!!!! Won't be long now till I'm Mrs Hunt :):)

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