Monday, July 27, 2009


Yes, our cat is a sook. Despite getting her water she really wants it coming out of the tap. Oh and shes snuggling at the moment so I have to type one-handed.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hen's night

Can I just say I have the biggest ratbag of a cat. Every morning this week she has woken me up by tearing around the house, including onto the bed like a mad cat! Not appreciated when on holidays :S

On far more important news, Rex and I had our bucks/hensnights last weekend. Rex had a simple BBQ/piss up at a mates place, while I met al the girls in Canberra.

Before I say to much, I want everyone to know that I have THE most awesome bridesmaids!!!

We stayed in a very fancy apartment in the city where we caught up with everyone, (including Aly and Thomas :)) We were very lucky as the girls hired a mini bus and Greg, Kylies husband chauffeured us around. We started by driving up black mountain, where i was crowned and had to complete a quiz about Rex to see how many challenges I would need to complete. I got some right, some wrong.

From here we went to a teppinyaki bar in Manuka which was great fun. Most of us caught most of the food (well except for Hathor :D). I can't wait to go again with Rex.
Then we travelled into the city to go to a cocktail bar, the Muddle bar and then round to the Uni bar for some dancing and more drinks. It was fantastic, I've never had so many guys come up to me.

Just some random photos, the rest are on facebook!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cyvercrop weekend

Well I had a busy weekend, it was cybercrop time at Scrap Therapy. For a change, I acually managed to complete all the challenges. This first one was for the Inspiration challenge from which I took the colours.

THis was for the theme challenge - to be very girly. I hope Phil likes this, its for his album.
This was for the Sketch challenge, again a gorgeous pic of phil and Sal.
Finally this was for the months sketch challenge at therapy. Thomas is soooo easy to scrap!!!
In other news.... I finally am graduating!! I've finished my Masters in Education :) so thankfully will have more time up my sleeve inthe lead up to the wedding.

I've also won the early bird prize over at Puzzle Sketches. So shopping here we come!1 I'm hoping to get a couple of pages done today, then I'm off for my hens night :) Hopefully I'll have some photos to share once I get back.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Bit of a share

Just a quick update. Things have been absolutely flat out with an 11 week term, trips to Tamworth for Weight Watchers, the usual scouting camps and somewhere in there I'm still planning the wedding. I haven't been scrapping much, but here is my entry for Challenge 4 of the Make Believe masters at Scrap Therapy. It was a mystry challenge so I made a hanger of my gorgeous nephew.
This is for the July Puzzle Sketches. I always love using these challenges!

Thats it for this week, hopefully I'll get to catch my breathe over the holidays!!