Saturday, April 11, 2009

Its Holidays!!!!

Happy Easter!! I hope your all having a very relaxing time. We've been busy with work and Scouts. For work I've been traveling a bit for traini9ng and meeting and am finally glad to be home. We also had our first scout hike and camp and I was sooooooo impressed with the kids. For the most part, they were helpful and did as they were asked with no complaining. For a change, I' actually looking forward to the next activities :) Its taken awhile, but we are finally there.

Scrapping wise, I had lost my mojo, but its back now in full swing.

This was for the April puzzle sketches, to use paint, 9 squares, a star and arrow.

There were for the monthly challenges over at nuts 4 digi. Not bad since I haven't done digi for quite a while!

This was for the manufacturer of the month challenge at Scrap Therapy using Bella. Its to go in Phil's album if I ever get the rest of the photos :)

This was a class at Scrap Therapy run by Mandy using Daisy D papers. I love it!! even if it took ages to cut :)

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Melissa said...

Wow you have been busy. Those hand cut flowers look like a lot of work, great job.