Sunday, March 15, 2009

What a week... and a bit

Well as most of the world knows, I left poor Rex at home last weekend, while I travelled to Sydney with Mum for a very important purpose. On Saturday, Mum, Sal, Monique, me and eventually Shell met up at Bridal Secrets in Parramatta to pick up my wedding dress!!!!! I was nervous, I've heard of so many people not liking their dress second time round. Thankfully I still love it and its now sitting safely at Mum's until I need to get the bustle put it :). We also managed to find a Bridesmaid dress that Monique loved so the girls are currently organising those.

Monday was my birthday, which was a bit lousy. I spent the day running around after others, rather than scrapping which is what I wanted. Oh well. Tuesday Wednesday were off to Bourke, nothing odd there.

Thursday was a really crap day. Without going into too much detail, since I don't know who reads this, we had a serious incident with a child I've been working with for quite awhile. He was hospitalised, which gave me some relief, however was released on Friday, with only me in town to support him. Needless to say, I've jumped a mile everytime the phone rang, thinking it would be bad news.

To really add to the week, the Scouts were dreadful on Friday. We ended the night in silence, which I personally hate, but I needed the time out.

This weekend has been pretty boring, except both the animals have been playing up, maybe its the full moon. Josie has been scratching everything in sight and Sunny ran away again today. That and with hearing of lots of job losses and meetings being closed in Weight Watchers, its been horrible. Hopefully this next week will be much better, if nothing else I have a date with Rex organised for Saturday to look forward to!!

:) If you read this far, you deserve a medal!!!!

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