Thursday, January 22, 2009


I have decided dreams are the nemisis of every bride to be. It is very rude to be woken up by any dream that depicts your wedding day running anything less than smoothly. I have had a few, complete chaos, dress not showing u[, that kind of thing. But this mornings was by far the worst.

I arrived at the church early, by myself (sorry Monique and Kylie!) and thought I'd see what was happening inside. I went in to be socialable, only to find my Dad trying to be the centre of attention, spouting off how it was his birthday and about how dood he is. I get upset, firstly because he wasn't invited, and then with his behaviour. I asked him and Liz to leave and they decide to pull and practical joke???????? I get really upset cause they won't leave, walk out and just wish Rex or the girls were there. Thankfully they come, just as I'm waking up.

Weird!! I hope I get some better dreams soon, like costs dropping!!!!!

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