Monday, September 8, 2008

An interesting weekend

Well we all survived!!! I, along with 2 other leaders and 2 parents took 28 Cubs and Scouts to Orange for the Centerary of Scout camp for the Golden West Region. It was full of adventures with a bus that was about 100 years old and was leaking and in dire need of retirement. It was pouring (surprise surprise) in Orange Friday night, and by the time we arrived at about 6.30pm our campsite was flooded. Luckily for us the bunkhouses were free, so we bundled the girls into one and the boys into another. Good thing we were told there would be mud activities, each venture to the dining hall and toilets were filled with the prospect of wearing all the mud!!

I won't comment on the Cubs, as we split for most of the camp but on a whole the Scouts did really well. We lost things and each other and us leaders were driven mad by all the questions, but in the end all the Scouts had fun. They had a go building rope bridges, and met the Rovers close up on the Bucking bull. They got to canoe, and try archery, and not to mention the pinicle, a flying fox!!! The obstacle course was about the only place where there was no mud!

We also had one Scout with sprained toes, and a Cub spent the best part of Sunday at hospital with a wicked splinter (sisters mind you!). One Leader was sent to hospital with a suspected stroke, but luckily was back with us for the long bus ride home. The only really bad bit was an incident with some boys in Dubbo that wanted to fight the Scouts. Thankfully all the leaders were able to get the Cubs and Scouts back onto the bus safely, so no one was hurt.

I got to see alot of leaders and rovers that I knew from Orange. one of my ex-scouts is now a Rover, and unfortunately is now taller than me. I was also lucky enough, as an ex-rover to participate in the investiture os a Rover Squire from the Macquarie Rover Crew. Only Scouts who have been invested as Rovers can attend Rover investitures, so it was lovely to be invited along. I also caught up with Linda, who I've know my entire Scouting life, which was awesome, it seems I'm not the only person roped back into being a leader.

We got home last night at about 9pm, tired and dirty and overall very excited by our first regional camp as a group. I have about 300 photos so will share when I get them off the camera. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I can't wait till the next one.

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