Sunday, May 11, 2008

We would like to present the newest member of our family.....


She made it home safely after a rocky start (she threw up driving across Orange :( ) But now she has settled in and is making friends with all the neighbourhood dogs.

We had a great time last weekend catching up with my family at Matt and Aly's wedding. It was a very long trip, 9 hours each way, but worth it.
Here's Rex, me, Matt, Aly, Phil and Sal (Yes by this stage they were very over photos!)

For the rest of the photos, (there's over 100 not including Shells!!!) click HERE. That should take you to the album.

Not much else is happening, I'm back to the travelling around the region this week doing Cobar/Bourke/Dubbo in a day. I'm really not looking forward to it. Work is going well for both of us, well except Rex's boss but you all know about that. I've been busy scrapping both at Scrap Therapy as usual and Nuts 4 Digi which is the Digital site I've been on.

Oh one last thing

Happy Mothers Day Mum, Shell, Nan and Gran!!!!!!!!

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