Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Its been too long

I know Phil! I here you!1 I've been really slack as my darling brother keeps reminding me.

Any way here's my holiday run down.

I ditched Rex on the first Wednesday to drive to Sydney to see matchbox 20. Hathor and I were really proud we may have gove over the Harbour bridge, but we did find our way back :) Matchbox 20 were awesome, very much worth the money. We all had a ball, drinking slightly too much (Hathor!!!) especially when not eating. There are photos going up slowly on photobucket which attest to this!!

From there I went on too Cowra to visit my grandparents. It was good being back in the thriving metropolis of Cowra, they even have a Coles now!! They leave Cobar for dead. I managed to clean out the study and left most of the crafty stuff behind (Rex is very proud)

THen I visited my mum in Orange where I adopted a puppy from the RSPCA. She is a little Jack Russell xTerrier and shes gorgeous. Dad picked her up today from the vets so I get to bring her home this weekend :) It was also great to fit in some shopping and visiting a heap of friends.

All the photos will be in photobucket when I learn to put a link in here. For now if you click on the slideshows it will eventually lead you to them.

Have a great week!!!!

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