Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Holidays and moving and more

Hey, well we are finally back. In the last few weeks we have toured Victoria and moved into a new place.

Victoria was great, Rex loved Spamalot, it was very funny and true to Monty Python. I got to do heaps of shoppping!!! Only downside was in Melbourne we stayed at a swanky place on Flinders St and nothing seemed to go right. We ended up in a room with single beds, a woman stole my suitcase (I did get it back thankfully) and the valet parking told me they gave my car keys to 'the owner'. Talk about stressed out!!! And all we got out of it was a small bottle of wine.

After that the holiday did improve, we stayed with Rex's Aunt and Uncle in Frankston, visited Rex's friends, stayed with Phil and Sal and had a tour of HMAS Cerberus, were Phil is based at the moment.

From there we moved up to Wangaratta. It was a lovely place and we stayed a couple of night there, chilling out at the pool. While we were there we visited the Brown Brothers and Sam Miranda wineries, picing up some great wine. We also visited a Brewery, the Beechworth Bakery and the Miliwa Cheese factory. YUM!!!!

After this we went to Wagga and visited John and Cath. I completed the Stay upright motorbike course, while Rex chilled out.

All in all, aside from some issues at the beginning, we had a great holiday. There will be photos, when I get too it.

Once we got back we had to move into the one bedroom unit. Its been a tight fit, but most of it has fit in. Even Josie is starting to like the place. Theres just no where to hide!!

Thats, thankfully most of the news. Only one last thing.... I finally got my Bike Learners!!!!!

Have a great week!!!