Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas

Well Christmas is almost upon us. School ius finished and I'm madly cleaning the house!! We're having Christmas a bit late this year, everyone is coming for Saturday since Rex has to work all but Chrissy day.

We had a bit of news the other day. Once we get back from Melbourse, we have to move into a little 1-bedroom flat. The Teacher housing decided that it it perfectly fine to kick us out of our house. But I won't get into a rant. I was upset at first, particularly when I found out other couples got a 2 bedroom unit, but at least they can't move us now.

I've also decided its about time to get this excess weight off. I want to get back into my bikini sometime this summer. My starting weight is 77.9kgs and I'm hoping to lose about 10 kgs. I'm going to track my food and exercise here for the world to read. Seems silly starting Christmas week but i've put it off long enough!!

Anyways have a great Christmas and I hope Santa is good to you!!!


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