Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sydney :(

Well I'm back fro the big smoke and I must say it was a very eventful trip. I left here very early on Tuesday, with a 2 hour flight. I arrived late, I think the organiszers thought I could teleport from the airport to the department building on Oxford St. The course was okay on the first day, however once we went to book into the motel we found out there was no booking :( Where were we going to stay???? Luckily a room became available, a family room which we thought would be fine.

But no, the room smelled really badly of mould although we could see any. Also when we went to open up the "windows" we discovered they were just fluorescent lights with blinds over them. What a rip off. Now adding to breakfast taking forever both mornings, this motel did not sit too well with us. When we found out even the manager called it the dungeon we knew it couldn't get much worse.

Anyways we survived for a trip to the Westfield at Bondi junction, very cool btw. Didn't get to buy much though since I was flying.

Finally the course finished, and I got back to Dubbo. Rex had to pick me up there cause there were no flights back home till Sunday. So yesterday we started Chrissy shopping and had a lazy day in Dubbo. I was very excited cause when I got home I had a parcel full of Chrissy goodies form Scrap Therapy so I can now make some very cool Chrissy cards.

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Narelle said...

Hi Annie!

Sounds like an eventful trip to the city!!

Thanks for taking part in the Scrap Therapy "Blog Bucks"